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T-coil? What’s a t-coil?

The first thing I ask someone who comes to me for an assisted listening device is, “Do you wear hearing aids and do you have a t-coil?” The most likely response is “Yes, I wear hearing aids. What’s a t-coil?” This saddens me as t-coils are so important and most people don’t know if they have them and don’t know how to turn them on if they do. So, the first step in improving your hearing in those challenging environments is to learn about t-coils.

A t-coil (or telecoil) is a small, copper, coiled wire inside your hearing aid that can make your hearing aids work like tiny in-your-ear receivers. They wirelessly receive sound from an inductive loop and amplify it according to your particular hearing loss. They can bridge distance, eliminate background noise, and help you hear much better than your hearing aids’ microphones might do in difficult situations such as in meetings, churches, cars, or noisy restaurants.  For more information about t-coils:   American Academy of Audiology (AAA) Fact Sheet on T-coils


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