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Get in the Loop!

When shopping for a new hearing aid, you may be told that you do not need a t-coil.  I respectfully disagree! Please note, I am not an audiologist, but many people have told me that the new hearing aids come with wireless technology, so t-coils aren’t needed.  Yes, hearing aids by Oticon, Phonak, Siemens, Resound (and maybe more) can wirelessly connect with TV’s, cell phones, land lines and more!  All this technology is fabulous!  BUT, when you walk into a theater, church, or auditorium with an inductive loop system installed, you need a t-coil!  Inductive loops (or “hearing loops”) will transmit sound wireless into your hearing aids if you have a t-coil.  You don’t need to use headphones.  So, it is great to get connected with all the latest hearing aid technology, but don’t be left out of the “loop”.

The Hearing Loss Association and the American Academy of Audiology (AAA) have teamed up to help people “Get in the Hearing Loop”.  They are working together to spread the word about  hearing loops.  You can learn more about hearing loops from the AAA Fact Sheet on Hearing Loops and check out the excellent Hearingloop.org website.


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