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Hearing Aid Features

We are bombarded with ads for hearing aids that say, “very small”,  “our smallest hearing aid”, “completely invisible”,  “tiny” “discrete”, “inconspicuous”, “no one will know you are wearing hearing aids,” etc. etc.  These ads infuriate me!   They are reinforcing the idea that wearing a hearing aid is something to be ashamed of, something to keep hidden and private.  What these ads are NOT telling you is that “small” is not going to give you the most benefit out of your hearing aids.  When shopping for a hearing aid, know what features you are looking for.  Many features are not available in those “tiny” hearing aids!

The hearing aid features that are most important to me are:
1.  t-coil – with manual switch, not automatic
2.  volume control – on the hearing aid, not just on a remote
3.  program buttons – also on the hearing aid
4.  wireless connectivity – between hearing aids and with other devices
5.  integrated Bluetooth neckloop
6.  directional microphones – to help in noisy environments

I will elaborate on these features in my next post!  Stay tuned!

3 Responses

  1. Marilyn,
    Thank you for pointing out the hidden oxymoron which is used by the hearing aid manufacturers to advertise their hearing aids. Small and inconspicuous equate with lacking functionality. Using a remote control for volume, program switches or activating a t-coil is not a user friendly concept. Why would a hearing aid user consider controlling a hearing aid remotely? Think about it – the hearing aid is within arms reach! They design them this way to generate additional income from accessories, a huge market for manufacturers. It is enough of this bullying.


  2. […] you have isolated yourself because of your hearing loss.  Educate yourself (start here:  “Hearing Aid Features“), join HLAA, purchase hearing aids with t-coils, and use assisted listening devices as […]

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