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Hearing Aid Feature #1 – T-coils

I’ve already discussed the importance of getting a t-coil. (Please go back and read it if you missed it!)  You must have a switch or button on your hearing aid to activate it manually when entering a looped room.  Some hearing aids come with an automatic t-coil.  That is just for talking on the telephone and will not work in a room with a hearing loop installed.

In the above image, the aid has a three position switch:
T = telecoil
H = high microphone
L = low microphone

The t-coil program my be accessed with a  button that scrolls through different program settings.

Some hearing aids give you a choice of “t-coil only” or “t-coil and microphone.”

“T-coil only” means you can completely turn off the microphone (muting all the background noise) and just hear what is being transmitted to the t-coil. (I love this feature!)

” T-coil and microphone” means you can keep your microphone on while using the t-coil.

I always use the “t-coil only” mode, but some people like to use both in certain situations, like driving in a looped car – listening to the radio through the t-coil but wanting to hear other sounds for safety reasons.

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