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Hearing Aid Features #2 and #3 – Volume Control & Program Buttons

2.  Volume Control – I want my volume control on my hearing aids. not on a remote control.  This is very important to me.  When in a group situation, one person’s voice may be softer than another’s and I can quickly adjust my hearing aid.  If I had to rummage around in my purse for my remote control, I would miss half of the conversation.

Sample control buttons on a behind-the-ear hearing aid

Sample control buttons on an in the canal aid

3.  Program buttons – Just like the volume control, I want the program buttons to be quickly available.  The program control button lets you switch to different programs set up by your audiologist.  I have 4 pre-set programs in my hearing aids.  My first program is “normal” – what I use most of the time.  My second program is for listening in a noisy environment.  It controls the directional microphone.  By turning off the microphone in the back and just using the microphone in the front, I can hear the person talking in front of me much better.  Next, I have a program to turn on my t-coil (t-coil only) and a program to turn on both my t-coil and microphone.  There are other types of programs available. When shopping for a hearing aid, find out how many programs the hearing aid is able to store and discuss the options with your audiologist.


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