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Hearing Aid Feature #5 – Integrated Bluetooth Neckloop

#5 Integrated Bluetooth neckloop – I talked about this in my last post, but to summarize, if you purchase hearing aids that have a Bluetooth neckloop as an optional accessory, it is ideal.  Since the neckloop is integrated with your hearing aids, you do not have to touch your hearing aids to use it.  No need to switch to t-coil mode.  Phone rings?  Push one button on the neckloop and you are connected.  Watching TV and the phone rings?  No problem.  TV sound will automatically stop and you can answer the phone.  Here are some pictures of Bluetooth neckloops.

Oticon Streamer

Phonak iCom

Siemans and Widex have a Bluetooth device that does not need to be worn around the neck.  It can be carried in your pocket and transmits wirelessly to your hearing aids.

Siemans TEK                                                                                         Widex DEX


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