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Assisted Listening Devices

I’m going to move on to a new topic.  If you have any questions about purchasing a new hearing aid, you can leave a comment here or use the “Contact Us” page on my website:  www.heargear.net.

I’d like to start discussing assisted listening devices.  I meet a lot of people who wear good hearing aids but still struggle to hear in certain environments.  Hearing aids are fabulous but will not “fix” your hearing problem.  People who expect hearing aids to give them normal hearing are going to be disappointed.  Listening situations that are challenging include:

  1.  Large rooms with  poor acoustics
  2. Sitting far away from the person speaking
  3. Noisy rooms
  4. In the car
  5. Small meetings in which one participate speaks very quietly.

In these situations, an assisted listening device can be an excellent solution.  Assisted listening devices (or “ALD’s) refer to a wide variety of devices that can help you hear, such as:  personal amplifiers, wireless FM devices, TV listeners, neckloops, alerting systems, and inductive loop systems.


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