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Personal Amplifier

There are several personal amplifiers on the market that work very well.  I would like to discuss one of my favorite devices called the “Pocketalker” by Williams Sound.  The Pocketalker is the most popular assisted listening device I sell and I use it myself.  I keep one in my car and one in the house, so I always have it available when needed.

Basically, the Pocketalker is a small portable microphone and amplifier that amplifies sounds close to the listener while reducing background noise.  Some of the features that make it so popular are:

  • small, lightweight, easy to carry in purse or pocket
  • simple, easy to use controls.
  • separate volume and tone controls
  • low battery indicator light
  • 5 year warranty
  • clip for attaching to belt or shirt
  • may be used with an inductive neckloop
  • comes with a 12 ft. extension cord for TV listening

There are a variety of options for connecting with the Pocketalker.  Various headphones and earbuds are available as well as a neckloop for people with t-coil equipped hearing aids.

For more pictures and prices go to:  http://www.heargear.net/pocketalkers


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