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HLAA Convention – Keynote Speaker

One of my favorite presentations at the HLAA Convention was by Chris Artinian, President and CEO of Morton’s Restaurant Group.  Both Chris and his wife are hearing, but deafness in common in their families and they are fluent in sign language and comfortable in both the Deaf culture and the hearing world.  When their son, Peter, was born deaf, Chris and his wife had a difficult decision to make.  Do they get a cochlear implant for their son or do they accept his deafness?  This struggle has been documented in a film, “Sound and Fury” produced in 2000.  It is captioned and available from Netflix.  I just added it to my queue and can’t wait to see it!  Here is the description:

Josh Aronson’s documentary takes an unexpected approach to the “medical miracle” film by examining the political and emotional turmoil that erupts between brothers over the cochlear implant that might allow their deaf children to hear. The ways in which a so-called miracle cure can divide as well as heal families and communities is the focus of Sound and Fury, which received an Oscar nomination for Best Documentary Feature.


4 Responses

  1. Marilyn, I have all three – Sound and Fury, Sound and Fury: 6 years later and Twins. All produced by Josh Aronson. The first two are DVDs and the third is a VCR and not available for broadcast. I showed these to my chapter during one summer when we had no meetings. Everyone was mesmerized. I was thrilled to hear Chris speak at the convention.

    I see you are on the HLAA message board. Welcome. I am one of the moderators there.

    • Hi Judy! I had no idea there were 2 more films. I, too, was mesmerized with Sound and Fury and was thinking I would love to see a follow up! I just checked Netflix and they don’t have it. Also, tried my local library and Amazon. No luck. Where did you get yours?

  2. Six years later – http://www.soundandfuryfilm.com/sixyears/index.php?section=purchase $30.00

    Twins: http://filmakers.com/index.php?a=filmDetail&filmID=249

    I didn’t pay this much money four or five years ago, but maybe they are harder to come by. If you’re REALLY interested you can write to Josh Aronson directly. I think that’s what I did and got it cheaper.

  3. HI Marilyn, I found a site where Twins is only $25.00. – DVD

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