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One small step….

One small step for equal access, one giant leap for the State of Washington!!  A judge in the State of Washington has ruled that theaters must show captioned movies.  This is the result of a law suit filed by John Waldo, whom I had the pleasure of meeting at the HLAA Convention.  Now, if we can just get this to apply to all states!   Thanks for your great work, John!


HLAA Convention – Assisted Listening Devices

There were 1,800 attendees at the HLAA Convention and Hearing Loop Conference!  Wow!  I’m sure there was someone there without t-coils, but I didn’t meet any!  I loved seeing everyone switching their hearing aids to t-coil mode in the looped meeting rooms and using assisted listening devices unselfconsciously!  Of course, being interested in assisted listening devices, I took every opportunity to ask people what they were using and how they liked it.  The Phonak FM system was by far the most popular, but for those without Phonak hearing aids, here are some that were also popular:

Comfort Contego FM System (with neckloop)                                                                                                      


 Domino Personal Hearing System (with neckloop)