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CaptionCall Telephone

I just got a CaptionCall telephone!  I love it!  It has a large, easy to read, touch screen, there is no 800 number needed and the captioning is very fast!    If you have voicemail, it will play and caption your messages.  If you have an answer machine, you can play your messages into the receiver and and they will be captioned.  All you need for this phone to work is a high speed internet connection.

The retail price is $149.00 but they are now selling for $99.00.  If you are a member of a Hearing Loss Association Chapter, CaptionCall will sell you the phone for $50 and make a $50 dollar donation to your HLAA Chapter.  You can get more information at their website:  www.captioncall.com.


2 Responses

  1. cant fog in to enter telephon names

    • Grant,
      There are two ways to enter telephone names and numbers. You can do it on the phone. Look in the manual on page 43 “Managing Your Contacts”. Or you can enter them online using your computer. Call Customer Service for help with this: 1-877-557-2227

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