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Sony developing ‘subtitle glasses’ for cinema use.

Why didn’t I think of this!?
Sony is hard at work building a special pair of glasses for cinema-goers that will display subtitles to the wearer without the words having to appear on the screen.

For hearing-impaired cinephiles, the glasses will enable them to pop down to any screening rather than having to schedule their lives around special subtitled showings.

“What we do is put the closed captions or the subtitles onto the screen of the glasses so it’s super-imposed on the cinema screen, so it looks like the actual subtitles are on the cinema screen,” explains Sony Digital Cinema, Tim Potter.

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Hearing Loss Magazine

There is a great article in the “Hearing Loss Magazine” this month by Brad Ingrao, Au.D.  The article, “Decibels and Dollars,” explains the different features available in hearing aids and how they affect the cost.  Well written and easy for non-professionals to understand. Essential reading if you are shopping for a new hearing aid!

I also enjoyed the cover story “How my Hearing Loss Made me a Superhero!” by Michael Eury.  Very funny and inspirational.   Michael openly shares his experiences with hearing loss which led him to depression and “to leap from one dead-end job to another in a single bound!”   But with the help of HLAA, Michael was able to take ownership of his hearing loss and learn how to cope with it.   His message:  Do not give up, no matter how insurmountable the odds may seem!

The cover story is not available online.  If you are a member of HLAA, you will receive the Hearing Loss Magazine bimonthly.  If you are not a member, join now!  http://www.hearingloss.org/content/join 

If you are in San Diego, join through HLAA-SD:  www.hearinglosssandiego.org and attend our meetings to learn how to become your own superhero!

Cochlear Implant Recall

Cochlear Limited is undertaking a voluntary recall of the unimplantedcochlear implant range.

While less than 1% of CI512 implants have failed since launch in 2009 , Cochlear has identified a recent increase in the number of Nucleus CI512 implant failures.   In an abundance of caution and with our recipients in mind, Cochlear has issued a voluntary recall of the Nucleus CI500 range of cochlear implants while it further investigates the issue.

No implants outside the Cochlear Nucleus CI500 range are affected by this voluntary recall including Nucleus Freedom implants which remain available.

The Nucleus 5 external devices (Nucleus CP810 Sound Processor) and any previous generation sound processors are not affected by this recall.

Read more:  http://products.cochlearamericas.com/suspension

Advocating for Yourself

I would like to share an idea from Judy G. Martin, HLAA Florida State Chapter Coordinator.  We all need to help educate the public about effective accommodations for hearing loss.  This is a great idea to spread the news to thousands of people – and to be heard!

“Many, if not most of us, have run into rude and uncaring employees in our travels so will identify with this story completely. One of our chapter leaders wrote to me asking for advice in dealing with inadequate or non-existent devices and/or ignorant, rude employees. Specifically, the leader planned to write letters to the Coca-Cola Company and the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta detailing his experiences there while taking tours.

We are always instructed to write letters, and that continues to be important. However, if you are on Facebook, here’s a different option. Nearly every company or entertainment entity has a Facebook presence. You can search out the ones you want, “Like” them and then write on their wall. The World of Coca-Cola has more than 29,000 members while the Georgia Aquarium has 72,000. I’m nearly positive that advising members that these places are not very hearing loss-friendly will guarantee a response from a staff member. Who knows? Maybe it will inspire others to write as well which could culminate in employee sensitivity training and ALDs that work!”