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Advocating for Yourself

I would like to share an idea from Judy G. Martin, HLAA Florida State Chapter Coordinator.  We all need to help educate the public about effective accommodations for hearing loss.  This is a great idea to spread the news to thousands of people – and to be heard!

“Many, if not most of us, have run into rude and uncaring employees in our travels so will identify with this story completely. One of our chapter leaders wrote to me asking for advice in dealing with inadequate or non-existent devices and/or ignorant, rude employees. Specifically, the leader planned to write letters to the Coca-Cola Company and the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta detailing his experiences there while taking tours.

We are always instructed to write letters, and that continues to be important. However, if you are on Facebook, here’s a different option. Nearly every company or entertainment entity has a Facebook presence. You can search out the ones you want, “Like” them and then write on their wall. The World of Coca-Cola has more than 29,000 members while the Georgia Aquarium has 72,000. I’m nearly positive that advising members that these places are not very hearing loss-friendly will guarantee a response from a staff member. Who knows? Maybe it will inspire others to write as well which could culminate in employee sensitivity training and ALDs that work!”


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