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Be Cautious of this Offer!

I was very concerned to see this article today:  http://www.hearingreview.com/insider/2011-10-06_01.asp

It states that “HealthInnovations, a new UnitedHealth Group business, announced that it is bringing to market a suite of four high-tech direct-to-consumer hearing aids that will be self-fit and offered at $749 to $949 for “retail consumers,” and with no out-of pocket expense for some UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage members.”

I would be very skeptical about purchasing a “self-fit” hearing aid!!  I think the audiologist or hearing aid specialist is essential to getting a proper fit.  I have met many people who are dissatisfied with their hearing aids and I think it is because they are unwilling to spend the time needed in working with a professional until they are satisfied.  I love my hearing aids and am happy to pay more to have my audiologist’s expert services!  So, consumer beware!


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