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Holiday Madness

The holidays are here and along with all the usual stress, those with hearing loss have the added stress of trying to communicate at family gatherings and parties.  It can be very frustrating and exhausting!  I’d like to share these communication tips from Arlene Romoff.  Arlene is the president of the New Jersey Hearing Loss Association and the author of Listening Closely: A Journey to Bilateral Hearing and Hear Again- Back to Life with a Cochlear Implant.  You can learn more about Arlene’s journey at her web site: www.listeningclosely.com

Click here to read her article, “Holiday Madness.”

I’m in the News!

The Hearing Loss Association of California featured me in their “Sound Off” column!

Hearing Loops are in the News…..Again!

Nice article in the AARP Blog about hearing loops:
The Hearing Loop – It Could Transform Your Hearing Aids

So glad the word is finally getting out about loops!  Perfect timing for me and my business, Hear Gear.  I’ve paired up with an experienced installer and we are ready to roll!

While you are waiting for your favorite theater or place of  worship to get “looped” – be sure you are ready.  Do you have t-coils in your hearing aids?  Do you know how to turn them on?  That’s what you will need to take advantage of a hearing loop.  Once you have t-coils, you can get an inductive neckloop.  I don’t think most people understand the usefulness of an inductive neckloop, so I will share an example.

I went to the theater last weekend and asked for an assisted listening device.  They handed me the typical “under-the-chin” infrared device.  I looked at the rather yellowed, hard, plastic earpieces.  Hmmm.  Don’t really want to put those in my ears.  Also, don’t think they would fit on top of my hearing aids.   BUT, then I noticed a headphone/neckloop jack!  Great!  I turned on my t-coils, inserted my inductive neckloop into the headphone jack, and I could hear loud and clear!

An inductive neckloop can be used in so many situations:  computer, MP3 player, land line, cell phone, and my favorite – listening to the TV attached to treadmills in  hotels.  Next time you check out a listening device, check to see if there is a headphone/neckloop jack.  You may be pleasantly surprised.

Hearing Loop Demo in NYC Subway Station

This is a great demonstration of how a hearing loop reduces background noise and amplifies the speaker’s voice.

Richard Einhorn created this video clip.

D-Pan ASL Music Video

So cute!  From D-Pan – Deaf Professional Arts Network

Sarah Churman

You may have seen this video before (8 million people have!) but just in case you missed it, I decided to post it.  Sarah Churman received a Envoy Medical hearing implant called the Esteem.  This video documents her reaction at having it activated for the first time.  Very moving and a testament to the power of technology to improve the lives of those with hearing loss.

Fade to Silence

There was a nice article in the San Diego Union Tribune about hearing loss.  It mentions my business, Hear Gear, and the websites for HLAA and for HLAA-SD are listed as resources! 

You can read the article, “Fade to Silence” here:


It is a long article.  To find the section about me, scroll down to the number “60”  Easy to spot!  I have no idea why the writer felt she had to list my age, but there it is!