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Britain’s “So You Think You Can Dance” Finalist and Her Siemens Aquaris

If you live a very active lifestyle, this new waterproof hearing aid might be a good match for you.  In this article and video from the Hearing Review, Britain’s BBC One’s “So You Think You Can Dance” finalist Kirsty Swain has shares her experiences using the Siemens Aquaris.

For more information about the Aquaris, see the Siemens’ website.

I’d be worried they would fall out of my ears while swimming or water skiing, but hearing aid clips would solve that problem.  Great for kids, too!

A CI Surgeon’s Inspiring TED Talk About Helping His Patients to Hear Music

In this inspiring video from a TED conference, cochlear implant (CI) surgeon and musician Charles Limb, associate professor, Otolaryngology, Head & Neck Surgery, at Johns Hopkins, explains the challenges of CI patients hearing music and the brain research that is being done to help restore the full range of human hearing abilities.


21st Century Connectivity in Hearing Devices

The November/December issue of Hearing Loss Magazine had a very well-written article by Dr. Brad Ingrao in which he discusses “technologies designed to overcome the limitations of ear-level devices in less than ideal settings.”  It is a very clear and thorough explanation of assisted listening devices, why they are needed, and how they can help you hear better.  You can read the article here:  “21st Century Connectivity in Hearing Devices.”

Letter to Santa

I love this “Letter to Santa” written by Gael Hannan.  Gael is a Canadian writer, actor and public speaker who grew up with a progressive hearing loss that is now severe-to-profound.  Her portrayal of the challenges of communicating during all the holiday gatherings is humorous yet very insightful.

What I Would Like to Hear This Christmas
by Gael Hannan on December 6, 2011