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Wireless for All!

I just came across this website that has everything you ever wanted to know (and were afraid to ask) about cell phones and cell phone services.  Check it out!  Accesswireless.org

From their website:  Welcome to the most complete website designed to help people with disabilities, seniors and their families to find a cell phone and service! CTIA-The Wireless Association® and the wireless industry created AccessWireless.org to be your “first stop” to learn about the ever-changing world of cell phones and wireless services, and discover those that meet your specific needs.

I did a search for a phone with the most features for hearing impairment and the iPhone 4 was the winner with “Two-way video communications – using wireless LAN networks.” But it doesn’t have “Two-way video communications – using mobile networks.”  That is surprising!  I thought “Face Time” was the same as “Two-way video communications – using mobile networks.”  Would love to hear from anyone who has used Face Time.


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