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HLAA Message Boards/Chat Rooms

HLAA has a HUGE forum for discussion on their website in the Message Boards and Chat Rooms section where you can connect with other people with hearing loss.  This online community is designed to “…. give you support, ideas, new friendships, advocate when needed and so much more.  You don’t have to walk through life with hearing loss alone, join us!”

There are literally hundreds of topics related to hearing loss and even some “off topic” chats.

I like the “Laughter is the Best Medicine” section.  Here’s a good one from there:

A woman thought her husband was losing his hearing but was too proud to admit it. One day, as he was on his recliner watching the ballgame, she walked away to the farthest room of the house and said, “Ed, can you hear me?”
Getting no reply, she moved a room closer to him and again asked, “Ed, can you hear me?” and was stunned when he didn’t answer at all.
Deciding to “go big or go home”, she walked right up to the back of his recliner and said, “Ed, can you hear me?”
Ed answered, “For the THIRD time, YES!!!!”

LOL!  🙂

Visit it at www.myhearingloss.org


One Response

  1. Hey out there, Anyone involved withe the VA ? I just had the VA claim
    that my hearing IMPROVED from 2012 to now?? Sounds fishy to me.
    Any comments ?

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