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More Simulations

I loved the simulation I posted last week (demonstrating what a person with a hearing loss actually hears), so I began exploring and found a great demo of how an FM listening system improves hearing.  It is very effective!  First you can hear what it would sound like wearing a hearing aid, then the same sound byte if listening with an FM system.
Check it out: http://facstaff.uww.edu/bradleys/radio/fm/

I’m a big fan of FM systems and in fact an FM system prompted me to start my business!  I was so impressed with the system my school district bought for me when I was teaching, that I decided I had to tell the world!   Here is the wireless FM system I recommend:  Comfort Contego FM System by Comfort Audio.

The advantage of an FM system over a personal amplifier is that you are not limited by distance.  You have 2 devices:  a transmitter and a receiver.  They can transmit and receive sound up to 150 feet apart.  So your transmitter could be on the podium and you could be sitting 30 rows back with the receiver and hear as if the speaker were 6 inches from your ear!  The above simulation is very realistic.


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