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Cochlear Implants

I never met anyone with a cochlear implant before joining HLAA.  I assumed that anyone with a cochlear implant (CI) was, well, kinda deaf.  Boy, was I wrong!  We have about 20 members with CI’s in our HLAA chapter and those who were late-deafened speak and hear as well (or better) as the rest of us HOH folks……..and 99% of them are extremely happy with their implant!  In fact, more and more of our members are choosing to get a CI after talking with those who have one.  The CI wearers I know feel it is nothing short of miraculous to have regained their hearing through this technology.  The results are not instantaneous.  It takes months of “mapping” by the audiologist, aural rehabilitation exercises and time to adjust to the hearing electronically.  For an excellent overview of cochlear implants, see Dr. Brad Ingrao’s article in the March/April issue of Hearing Loss Magazine, “Plugged in for Sound:  Cochlear Implants Today.”

To read more about cochlear implants, also see Hearing Loss Web and the National Institute of Deafness and other Communication Disorders.



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