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Tinnitus Resources

More resources for treating tinnitus:

The Better Hearing Institute website has a comprehensive section on tinnitus including a downloadable “Your Guide to Tinnitus.”

The American Tinnitus Association has a large section on tinnitus treatments.  Although they mention “sound therapy,” I found no mention of Neuromonics.  Would love to hear from someone who has tried it!

From the  Neuromonics Website

Neuromonics, Inc., manufactures and distributes the only FDA-cleared, patented and clinically proven medical device designed for long-term significant relief of tinnitus. With research and development beginning in the early 1990s, the Neuromonics Tinnitus Treatment has helped thousands of tinnitus sufferers improve their quality of life and overcome the daily life challenges associated with tinnitus.

Tinnitus Treatment

Encouraging research on non-invasive treatment for tinnitus: “The treatment involves patients wearing headphones that emit a series of tones designed to match the frequency of their individual tinnitus tones. The treatment’s emitted tones are designed to interfere and eventually disrupt the patient’s rhythmic tinnitus firing patterns in the nerve cells that are believed to be causing the tinnitus.” Read the article in The Hearing Review.

Do you suffer from tinnitus?  Have you found a treatment that gives you some relief?  If so, please share your story here.

Hearing Aids from Costco

People often ask me what I think about the hearing aids at Costco.  I have actually heard good things about their hearing aids and the prices are excellent.  As with buying any hearing aid, you should know what features you are looking for.  I called several  Costco Hearing Aid Centers and asked if their hearing aids have t-coils.  I was usually met with confusion, uncertainty, and “I’ll have to call you back”.  So, once again, shop around at different Costco’s and get a good audiologist.   The April issue of the “Costco Connection” magazine has an article about their hearing aid centers on page 80, called “Listen Up”.

I was very happy to see the last section of the article, “The Scoop on the Loop,” all about t-coils and hearing loops!  This was from an interview with Steve Frazier, the New Mexico State Coordinator for HLAA.  It should be great for spreading the word about hearing loops!  Their newest hearing aid, the Kirkland Signature 4.0, comes with a t-coil.  It is also Bluetooth capable with an optional streamer and has a rechargeable battery!  At $2,000/pair sounds like a great deal to me.  More details about the Kirkland Signature Premium hearing aids here.

If you have tried any of Costco’s hearing aids, please tell us about your experiences.