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Hearing Aids from Costco

People often ask me what I think about the hearing aids at Costco.  I have actually heard good things about their hearing aids and the prices are excellent.  As with buying any hearing aid, you should know what features you are looking for.  I called several  Costco Hearing Aid Centers and asked if their hearing aids have t-coils.  I was usually met with confusion, uncertainty, and “I’ll have to call you back”.  So, once again, shop around at different Costco’s and get a good audiologist.   The April issue of the “Costco Connection” magazine has an article about their hearing aid centers on page 80, called “Listen Up”.

I was very happy to see the last section of the article, “The Scoop on the Loop,” all about t-coils and hearing loops!  This was from an interview with Steve Frazier, the New Mexico State Coordinator for HLAA.  It should be great for spreading the word about hearing loops!  Their newest hearing aid, the Kirkland Signature 4.0, comes with a t-coil.  It is also Bluetooth capable with an optional streamer and has a rechargeable battery!  At $2,000/pair sounds like a great deal to me.  More details about the Kirkland Signature Premium hearing aids here.

If you have tried any of Costco’s hearing aids, please tell us about your experiences.


5 Responses

  1. My current pair of aids are from Costco in Carlsbad CA and it’s been a good experience. The woman I most deal with, Jody, is knowledgeable and understanding – a very helpful combination when dealing with hearing loss. The only issue I’ve had is that they are so busy, it’s difficult to get an appointment very quickly. I’m starting my search for a new pair soon and Costco is right at the top of my list for checking out their new products. Thanks Marilyn, for referring to the article in their latest magazine – it was very well written and addressed that fact that hearing loss is not just a senior issue – 65% of people with hearing loss are younger than 65! Many of us are still out here working and re-learning how to communicate effectively in the work world.
    –Debbie Lousberg

  2. […]  One thing that surprised me was that you can buy a hearing aid at Costco.  Both Ms. Romano and Marilyn Weinhouse (a blogger who writes about hearing aids and related technology) reported that it is indeed […]

  3. I purchased a set of Kirkland signature hearing aids a year ago with the rexton wireless enhancement system ( $400.00). In this time span I have had the in ear speakers replaced five times and one of the aids is in for repair and another speaker. I have only the highest praise for the staff at the Nanaimo BC store, they have been very accommodating, but the dependability of the aids is very disappointing. With an average of only two months between replacement of the speakers I am not at all happy with the thought that when the warranty expires, so will the hearing aids. My previous hearing aids are seven years old and still going strong, (Oticon) I would not recommend these hearing aids.

    • Ken, Thank you for sharing your experience! That is terrible! 5 times in one year?! I’m surprised they didn’t just replace them for you. Which style did you get – Behind-the-Ear or In-the-Ear? Do you know the model number? (I want to be sure to avoid it!) Thanks!

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