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Retirement Community Dining Halls

I think one of the most difficult listening situations is the dining hall in a retirement community.   I have been searching for a good listening device for this type of situation but had no good ideas….until one of my customers enlightened me!  She uses a Pocketalker with a Neckloop and the Centrum Sound Conference Microphone.  I visited her recently and discovered it was really quite good!  Unfortunately, the dining hall wasn’t crowded, so I didn’t get to test it out as thoroughly as I’d like, but her satisfaction with it convinced me to buy one for myself!  I’ll try it out at the Coronado Brewing Company – if it works there, it will work anywhere!


(Click on the pictures for prices and more information.)

To make this work, you simply remove the microphone from the Pocketalker and insert the 3.5 jack of the conference microphone into the Pocketalker.  Then set the microphone flat in the middle of the table or rest it on a firm surface such as a small plate.

If anyone else has other solutions for improving hearing in large dining halls, I’d love to hear about them.

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  1. […] one other person……I’m still working on that solution!  Some people have had success using a Pocketalker and a conference microphone, but that hasn’t worked very well for […]

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