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Evelyn Glennie – Master Percussionist

Scottish drummer Evelyn Glennie led the drumming during the Olympic opening ceremonies……oh, and by the way, she is deaf.   Evelyn doesn’t like  to focus on the fact that she is deaf.  Her “Hearing Essay” explains how she hears music as vibrations and describes her attitude toward her hearing loss and her music.  Read about her amazing accomplishments in this bio:  Bio of Evelyn Glennie

The Invisible and Widely Uninsured Problem

Nice article from CNN.com.   It starts with a very sad, but true fact:   “If you lose a leg, insurance will likely cover the cost of your prosthesis.  If you lose your arm, it’s the same.  Even if you lose your ability to perform sexually, more than likely your Viagra is covered.  But if you start to lose your hearing, far too often you are own your own.”

According to this article, Arkansas, New Hampshire, Rhode Island are the only states that require coverage of hearing aids for both children and adults.  That doesn’t mean that health insurance plans in others states don’t offer a hearing aid benefit.  I was fortunate that my health insurance (in California) had great coverage for hearing aids, so always check with your insurance before buying.

Read the complete article here:  Hearing loss an “invisible,” and widely uninsured, problem”by Jen Christensen

Neckloops now available in Cinemark Theaters in Arizona

Cinemark Theaters in Arizona will now be providing assisted listening devices with neckloops.  Yeah!  Hope this spreads to other states and other theaters.


If you are unfamiliar with neckloops, see my short PowerPoint presentation:  T-coils 101

Captions in Netflix “Watch Instantly” Movies

I’m so used to using captions on my TV that I get very frustrated when streaming a movie or TV show from Netflix.  So far, I have found none with subtitles or captions, although Netflix claims in their Blog that “more than 80% of the hours streamed in the US were of content with captions or subtitles available.”

According to a recent article in the San Francisco Chronicle. “Netflix may have to provide closed captions online,” a judge has ruled that federal disability laws cover businesses that serve their customers online.  Netflix may appeal the ruling, but it is a step in the right direction.

Maybe I just don’t know how to turn on the subtitles, as Netflix does have a long list of movies with subtitles.  Hmmm. I just went to my TV to try it out and didn’t see a way to turn on the subtitles!  The movie just started, with no menu or options.  Can anyone give me some tips?  Thanks!!