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American Girl Doll with Hearing Aid!

The popular American Girl doll can now be fitted with a hearing aid!  From Debbie Lousberg’s blog, “Thank you Mattel, who owns American Girl, for recognizing hearing loss as a condition affecting millions of children. According to the American Speech Language Hearing Association, 3 in 1000 babies are born each year with permanent hearing loss, making it one of the most common birth defects in America.”  Read more at: http://debbielousberg.com/american-girls-with-hearing-loss/


One Response

  1. This doll is on the cover of the “Hearing Health” magazine I received today. “Hearing Health” is a quarterly magazine from the Hearing Health Foundation. I really enjoy it and it is free. Just go to http://www.hearinghealthfoundation.org to sign up for a free subscription. You can also read it online at: http://www.hearinghealthfoundation.org/current-issue

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