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Over-the-Counter Hearing Assist Devices

Interesting article in The Wall Street Journal online, “Testing, Testing…Can You Hear Better Now?” about “Personal Sound Amplification Products” or “PSAP’s.”  They are not subject to FDA approval and can be sold over-the-counter.  Ranging from $100 to $500 each, they are much cheaper than hearing aids……but are they really helpful?   The author, Melinda Beck, seemed to like the Able Planet Personal Sound AMP2500……but she has never worn a “real” hearing aid.  The PSAP’s may be a step above the analog devices that sell for $20, but I still question their effectiveness.  For now, I’ll stick with my “real” hearing aids.

Rechargeable Hearing Aids

I just read that Hansaton USA is coming out with a rechargeable hearing aid.  What a great idea!  No more changing those pesky little batteries!  No more hearing that annoying “beep-beep” warning that your battery is low!  No more collecting batteries to be recycled!

Siemens also makes several  rechargeable hearing aids and Costco’s Kirkland Signature Premium Hearing Aid is rechargeable.  An added advantage of these hearing aids is that the recharging case also dries the aids without the need for a desiccant.  Love seeing advances in technology that make our lives easier!