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Smart Phone Apps for Hearing Loss

I am compiling a list of smart phone apps that are helpful to people with hearing loss.  Thank you to Ed Ogiba from the Hearing Loss Association of Sarasota for starting this list.  If anyone knows of others, please let me know and I will add them.  Thanks!

Sound Amplifiers
SoundAMP R

Captions for Phone Calls
Hamilton Captel
Clear Captions

Captions for Movies (read captions on your phone)

Find Captioned Movies in Theaters

Hearing Tests
Hearing Test – Siemens
uHear – Unitron
Hearing Screener – Starkey

Auditory Training
Hear Coach

Measuring Noise Levels (to identify hearing-friendly restaurants)
dB Meter Pro

Dictation (speech to text)
Dragon Dictation
(Also, if you have an iPhone with Siri you can use it to write notes.)

Voice Activated Web Search
Dragon Go!

Disaster Help
Disaster Alert (Pacific Disaster Center)
Alerts4me (NCIT)

Lyrics for Songs
Sound Hound



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