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Single-sided Deafness

Deaf in one ear?  Perfect hearing in the other?  No problem, right?  WRONG!  Single-sided deafness (SSD) can be a debilitating condition.  SSD can cause difficulty determining the direction of sounds, inability to hear sounds at all from a particular direction, and inability to separate background noise from target sounds.

Treatments for SSD vary from surgically implanted devices to non-surgical devices, but they all work by transferring the sound from the deaf ear to the good ear.  Surgical devices such as the The Baja System by Cochlear and the Ponto Implant System by Oticon have been used for some time, but now there are non-surgical options on the market.

The Phonak CROS uses a transmitter in the deaf ear to wirelessly transmit the sound to a receiver in the good ear.

Transear by Ear Technology Corporation uses bone conduction to transfer the sound to the opposite ear.

The Sound Bite by Sonitus Medical uses a removable in-the-mouth hearing device that transmits sound via the teeth and bone.

The newest device is the Alpha 1 Hearing System by Sophono.  Although the Alpha 1 (M) is implanted, it uses a magnetic coupling so there is no abutment as with the Baha and Ponto.  Sophono also offers the Alpha 1(S) which is a non-surgical device worn with a headband.

Have you tried one of these treatments for SSD?  If so, please let us know how it worked for you.


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  1. Updates, August 2014

    Cochlear Americas now had the Baha 4 Connect System which has no external abutment.

    Sophono has come out with the Sophono Alpha 2 MPO – abutment free and “the smallest implant in the world.”

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