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Great Gifts for a Good Cause

I love to read about young people who are making a difference.  Hayleigh Scott is doing just that.  She was  featured in Hearing Loss Magazine’s Jan/Feb 2011 issue, and glad to see she is now featured in the Nov/Dec 2012 issue.  If you are an HLAA member, you can read it online:  An Unlikely Friendship by Hayleigh Scott and Netagene Kirkpatrick.

I met Hayleigh at the HLAA 2011 Convention and was so impressed with her!  Hayleigh, now 13 years old, has her own business selling charms for hearing aids and cochlear implants.  She even has her own website:  www.HayleighsCherishedCharms.com

Hayleigh started making jewelry for hearing aids because she saw kids in her school wanted to hide their hearing aids under their hair.  Hayleigh wanted to “make my hearing aids shine and be fancy and proud of my hearing aids.”  Hayleigh is helping eliminate the stigma of wearing hearing aids for other young people such as “Brooke” who wrote:

“I want to let you know I use to be scared to let people see my hearing aids but now that you inspired me I am not scared any more thanks!” 

This young entrepreneur donates 10% of proceeds to furthering hearing research and education of the hard of hearing and deaf community..  Let’s help Hayleigh by buying her jewelry and showing off our hearing aids and cochlear implants!  I just ordered 2 pairs!


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