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Netflix + Apple TV = Captions!!

Success at last!!  I blogged previously about getting closed captioning with Netflix Watch Instantly movies (or rather NOT getting captioning)  (Click here to see previous post.)  and “Tim” gave me some suggestions including recommending buying Apple TV (Thank you, Tim!).  I got the Apple TV, but still never got it working….until today!!  Tim’s suggestion along with guidance from my friend, Joe (Thanks, Joe!) and a little exploring led to success! So glad it finally works that I have to share this with everyone.
First, if you haven’t updated your Apple TV software lately, go to Setting>>General>>Update Software.

Remember to use the “menu” button to go back to any previous screen.  There’s probably more than one way to do this, but this is what worked for me:
1. Go to “Settings”.
2. Go to “Audio & Video”.
3. Scroll down to “Subtitle Language” and select “English”.
4. Scroll down to “Closed Captions” and select “On”.
That should do it!
While watching a movie, hold the select button (round silver button) and you will have the option of turning CC on or off from there.  Can’t wait to watch my next movie!  By the way, Apple TV has a lot of other functions, so it is worth the purchase.  If anyone else has success with this or other solutions, please let me know.


5 Responses

  1. If using Remote app on iPhone to control Apple TV (instead of the remote device that comes w Apple TV), enable captions by clicking the square box at SW corner of screen, then scroll down and select English [CC]. However, I DK how to make CC permanent. For me, it seems to switch back to No titles when Apple TV goes OFF.

  2. thank you so much. My friend who is hearing impaired has not been able to enjoy movies but your suggestion was perfect. I have no idea why Apple does not disclose basic needs.
    Thank again.
    Very important
    Danny K

  3. I really hate that you can’t have CC stay on throughout all movies and TV episodes. It kills me because I’m such an Apple supporter but this is just another of many examples of why Roku is much better than Apple TV 😦

  4. @Molly

    Turning on CC from the Settings app under the Audio sub-heading should do the trick, and I respectfully disagree about Roku being better than the Apple TV. 🙂

  5. I can’t wait to try this. Thank you for posting.

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