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Doremi Captiview

I went to see a movie at AMC Fashion Valley 18 (in San Diego)  yesterday and was really looking forward to trying out their new captioning system.  They have a new digital system called Doremi Captiview.  Well, maybe we’re making progress……but we have a long way to go!


First I had to wait about 10 minutes at the customer service desk for someone to bring the device.  The woman who brought the device assured me it was programmed for Auditorium 12 and ready to go.  I had trouble fitting it into the cup holder (my husband was able to push it in far enough to stay in position) —  but, then the big let down.  IT DIDN’T WORK!!!!!  I tried pushing some of the buttons and saw how to set it for Auditorium 12, but it was unable to “connect” with the server.  Obviously, it had not been programmed correctly.

They definitely need to train their staff better.  When I returned the device, a different woman was working at the customer service desk.  She said, “Who gave you that?  We don’t have captions”!!!  LOL!!

I called the theater today to speak to the manager and she said they were not very familiar with the system yet.  I am going to another movie today and told her which movie and what time I will be there.  Let’s see if they are able to get it going.


11 Responses

  1. Well, I enjoyed “The Life of Pi” in 3D but the Captiview still didn’t work!! With the Indian accent, I missed a lot of the dialog. 😦
    Has anyone used this system successfully??? I would love to hear from you.

  2. I have used Captiview successfully two times at the North Hollywood theater (sorry I don’t have the theater name right now, it’s an 8-theater complex). Captions don’t kick in until the movie starts, which you probably already know. It’s anxiety-producing to have to wait until the last minute to see if it works! But it did indeed work fine for me both times I used it this past summer.

  3. Thanks, Katherine! Good to hear they do work….somewhere. I’m sure this theater just needs better training on how to set it up. I left my card and a note for the main manager. I going to ask her to donate tickets for our HLAA group in exchange for all my troubles!

  4. We live in Silicon Valley and have used the Doremi system both at the AMC Saratoga, the CinéArts Santana Row and also Palo Alto. We’ve had better luck at the 2 CinéArts theaters, perhaps because their staff is better trained. At the AMC we’ve had precious little luck, but have twice been given free passes because the device didn’t work. This device is wonderful IF it does work. We’ve also had some problems with getting the base to set solidly in the cup holder, and occasionally a problem with the stem free-wheeling so it needed to be held to stay in position. Otherwise it is a great system. The best solution for us hard of hearing folks, of course, would be closed captions right on the screen for ALL movies–they do it for foreign films, why not for all of them?!

  5. Im experiencing the same thing at this very moment. Im at bow tie cinema in Schenectady,NY and the movie started 15 minutes ago. The system isnt working and staff has no idea what to do. Is a refund a lot to ask for? Is a trained staff too much to ask for?
    My deaf son is 12 and deserves a well trained staff who can support his needs effectively as do all deaf persons.
    That is, Im assuming the system works and the staff isnt trained.

  6. I just used it for the very first time at AMC Forum 30 in Sterling Heights, MI. I agree with everyone on the cup holder issue. The CaptiView needs a slightly smaller rubber base (it helps to push it in while standing up). When the captions came on a few minutes after the moview started, unfortunately, they were awesome! The captions were timed perfectly and it was the first time in several years that I was able to thoroughly enjoy a movie at the theater! I just contacted my local MJR Movie Theater and asked them to please consider implementing this system.

    Here’s my idea for improved technology; have the closed captions on the bottom of the movie screen, using technology that makes it transparent to the naked eye, but visible to those wearing special glasses (like the 3-D glasses). This way, the captions won’t bother the “normal hearing” folks, while allowing the hearing impaired to see the captions on the screen when wearing the special glasses. This would prevent having to use a bulky device in the cup holder (where I would like to put my soda). I’m sure this technology is out there (think subliminal messages).

    • Bryan, that is a great idea and seems like it would be easy to create! Meanwhile, it’s too bad more people are not aware of the Captiview system. I wish the theaters would advertise it more. Every time I use one, someone asks me what it is. I’m sure a lot more people would benefit from it if they only knew about it.

      • My husband & I have been using the devices since they first became available in the San Jose, CA, area and they are wonderful when they work. Sometimes they work, sometimes not. I downloaded the instructions from the Doremi website so know how to set them up in case the theater staff doesn’t. Sometimes it is a question of the transmitting function in the projector area for the specific theater & this also needs to be set up by the staff.
        Also, I find it very annoying that they are not programmed to begin captioning until the feature begins as then, when they fail to work, you have to miss the beginning of the movie to go out & get help. Also sometimes the staff is unable to get them to work. Another problem is that often the screw attaching the pole to the base needs to be tightened so the whole apparatus doesn’t swing around freely. Clearly a lot of improvement, both in the technology & in the implementation is needed.
        As for wearing special glasses to see subtitles on the screen, this would not be satisfactory to me as I already wear glasses plus behind the ear hearing aids and I know any additional glasses over these would press in on my temples & give me a headache.

  7. Judy,
    You have described the problems perfectly! Sometimes the arm is loose and you have to hold it in place – very annoying! I just wrap a scarf or sleeve of my jacket around it and hold it that way. Also, so true that if they don’t work, you have to leave and miss part of the movie. I even asked the staff to come in and check on me to make sure they are working, and they always forgot!
    You may not be aware that all the Regal Theaters have “Sony Glasses.” The captions are projected on the glasses. It is definitely better than nothing, but I find them very uncomfortable (I also have BTE hearing aids and glasses.) My friends with Cochlear Implants hate them. BUT, we need to be Thankful that progress is being made!

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