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Completely Accessible


Excellent article in the Winter 2013 issue of Hearing Health Foundation magazine, “Completely Accessible.”  In the wake Hurricane Sandy, more attention is being focused on how those with hearing loss stay connected and safe in their homes.  The article mentions many of the devices Hear Gear carries such as home security systems, home hearing loops, and vibrating alarm clocks.  It also refers to a new device called the Z-BAND, a vibrating wristband alarm programmable through an app on Android smartphones. I couldn’t find out very much about the Z-Band, except that it sells for 39 British pounds!  Maybe not on the US market yet.  Captioned telephones are also mentioned and you can get this CaptionCall telephone for FREE with the Hear Gear promo code of HS2211.


3 Responses

  1. Hi, the ZBand is available for shipping world wide, its available for 39.99 euros which is approx 52 USD

    • Thank you for that information. I went to your website and it looks like it only works with Android devices. Is that right? Are you planning an iPhone app?

      • Hi Marilyn,

        It works with Android, windows mobile and windows desktop. We are planning to support iPhone in the future.


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