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Get Looped!

I am amazed how many people I meet who wear hearing aids with t-coils but have no idea what a neckloop is and how it could can help them hear better.  I was planning on writing about this topic until I read this excellent article in the Hearing Loss Magazine:
“The Often Neglected Neck Loop”  by Stephen O. Frazier and Sally Schwartz.

The article explains all the ins and outs of neckloops, both inductive and Bluetooth neckloops, and how they can be used with assisted listening devices.  To give you the short version:  If you have hearing aids with t-coils and you know how to turn your t-coils on, you can use a neckloop instead of a headphone.  So you can plug a neckloop into a headphone jack and the sound will travel wirelessly from your neckloop into your hearing aids.  Ta-da!  Like magic!

What’s the big deal?  People who wear hearing aids cannot comfortably wear a headphone or earbuds.  They either get terrible feedback, or have to take their hearing aids out to put on a headphone, or they try to squish an earbud into the ear on top of open fit BTE hearing aids (my favorite tactic when I forget my neckloop!).  Click on each picture for more information.

Quattro  WS-NKL001v2_2CL-CE30_front_closeup_1 HC-NZF-D_2

What is this weird looking thing with the hooks?  Stay tuned for my next blog post which will cover these and neckloops by hearing aid manufacturers.
You may be able to get a neckloop for free.  In California, they are provided by CTAP – California Telephone Access Program.  In other states, check this website to see if you have a similar program:  www.tedpa.org


3 Responses

  1. Thanks for this column~ I, too, was highly impressed by the article in HL magazine and have passed it to several friends. Thanks for promoting the idea, which I think has great possibilities.

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