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Noisy Restaurant – Recipe for Success!

lapel mic 2

If you are going out to eat with ONE person, and you know the restaurant will be noisy, I have a solution for you!  I’m always experimenting with different assisted listening devices in different environments, and I am thrilled with this simple “recipe” for hearing success!



  • Sit next to the person you will be talking to.
  • Remove the microphone from the Pocketalker and insert the lapel microphone into the 3.5mm jack.
  • Clip the lapel microphone onto the neckline of the other person’s clothing, as close to his/her mouth as possible.
  • Turn the Pocketalker on slowly and find a comfortable volume level.  Set it on the table or in your lap.
  • Enjoy your meal and conversation!

Serving size:
This hearing solution works for two people.  If you are dining with more than one other person……I’m still working on that solution!  Some people have had success using a Pocketalker and a conference microphone, but that hasn’t worked very well for me.

This works best if you are seated next to, not across from the person (helps keep the wire out of your food!).  In the photo above, my husband is on my left side, so I clipped the microphone onto the right side of his shirt.  When he turns his head toward me, the microphone will pick up his voice.

I tried this with a directional microphone and an omnidirectional microphone and preferred the omnidirectional mic.  I would expect the directional mic to be better, but for some reason, I could hear better with the omnidirectional.

The Pocketalker can also be used with a  variety of headphones and earphones.

This system worked great with my neckloop.  When I tried it with earphones, it was actually too loud (amazing!) and I had to move the mic farther away.

I hope you enjoy this recipe for hearing success!  And remember, never leave home without your Pocketalker!