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Tour Guide Kits

Want to know how beer is made?  Take a tour of a brewery – and be bombarded by noise!

Take the underground tour of Seattle?  Very interesting – if you run and stand next to the tour guide at each stop so you can hear some of her jokes!

Museum tour?  Better bring your own listening device!

I am really amazed at how many places give tours with no assisted listening devices!  These are not just for the hard-of-hearing!  They make the tour accessible and more enjoyable for everyone!

See Hear Gear’s solution from a small 7-person to a 30-person tour guide kit made by Listen Technologies:  Tour Guide and Interpretation Systems

They can be used in noisy trade shows, outdoor presentations, on a bus, a cruise, campus tours, museums, lectures, manufacturing plants and many more places.  The devices are easy to use and the sound clarity is phenomenal.  Also excellent for translation services.  Tell your favorite inaccessible museum about these excellent and affordable solutions!


2 Responses

  1. Price? Does it requires a person to hand it out and to sterilize? Usable with hearing aids?

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