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What Did You Say? by Monique Hammond


I just finished reading Monique Hammond’s new book, “What Did You Say?  An Unexpected Journey Into The World of Hearing Loss.”   I thought it was excellent!  Hammond experienced a sudden, severe hearing loss in the fall of 2005 and wrote the book “….she wishes she had when she was coping with and trying to understand her own hearing loss.”

“What Did You Say?” combines her personal story with a comprehensive overview of many aspects of hearing loss.  The book is well-written, well-researched, and easy to understand.  I highly recommend it for anyone with concerns about hearing, whether you are newly diagnosed with hearing loss, you have a moderate progressive loss, a sudden severe loss, or you have been living with hearing loss for many years.

The book is divided into seven sections and they do not need to be read in order.  If you are soon to purchase your first hearing aid, you could start with “Part Four – Hearing Instrument Basics:  Styles, Technology, Sales.”  If you are looking for an assisted listening device, go to “Part Five – Assisted Listening Devices; ASL; Speech Reading.”  In the appendix are nine handy checklists such as “Selecting a Hearing Aid Vendor” and “Preparing for a Doctor Appointment Regarding Tinnitus.”M. Hammond smaller Monique Hammond is a pharmacist and her medical background enhances her writing, especially the section on the anatomy and function of the ear and her description of ototoxic substances.  You can also read Hammond’s article,“Making Sense of Ototoxicity” in the “Hearing Loss Magazine” March/April 2013 issue.