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The Magic of Personal FM Systems

Do you ever go to a lecture and it sounds like “mumble-jumble”?  Do you get frustrated when you attend a workshop and there is no microphone?  When there is a microphone, does it make you crazy when the presenter’s voice gets louder and softer as he turns away from the microphone?  Do you try to get a front-row seat in a classroom and still strain to hear?

These are all problems experienced by people with hearing loss.  Even with the best hearing aids, it is difficult to hear in noisy environments, large auditoriums and any time you are far from the speaker. That is when personal FM assisted listening systems work their magic.

What is a Personal FM Assisted Listening System?
An FM system is an assisted listening device that consists of two parts: a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter can be worn by the speaker with a lapel microphone, headset microphone, hung around the neck, or placed on a podium. It can be also used with a conference microphone and placed on a table. The receiver is worn by the listener with headphones, a neckloop, or an FM boot on the hearing aid. When the speaker talks it sounds like he is sitting right next to you!  You can be sitting in the back of the room (up to 100 feet away) and it you will hear everything loud and clear!  FM systems can also be used for one-on-one conversations, small group meetings, family get-togethers, and more.

Listen to this simulation of using an FM system in a classroom.

This video is very effective in demonstrating the advantage of using an FM system; however, the speaker’s voice would have been much clearer in noise if he were wearing a headset microphone such as this:  William Sound Heavy Duty Headset Microphone.  The closer the microphone is to the speaker’s voice, the louder and clearer the sound.  A headset microphone also solves the problem of speakers walking away from the podium microphone or turning their backs to the audience.

There are several good FM systems on the market, each with its advantages and disadvantages. I will discuss my 3 favorites in my next post.
Williams Sound Motiva PFM 360
Comfort Audio Comfort Contego
Conversor Pro

Stay tuned! 




2 Responses

  1. After your great demonstration yesterday I’m interested in “flying up” from my Pocket Talker to an FM system. The video is very good.

  2. […] my previous post, The Magic of FM Systems, I discussed personal FM systems. Here I want to describe three of these systems in more […]

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