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HLAA 2016 Convention – Part 2

In my last blog post, HLAA 2016 Convention – Part 1, I discussed the new Oticon Opn hearing aids.  Now I’d like to discuss another new hearing aid, a new device from Phonak, and a new gadget to alert you to cell phone calls and texts.

earVenture  (www.earVenture.net)

EarVenture is a high-quality, low-cost hearing aid that is only sold through hearing health care professionals.  It is not a PSAP!  It is a programmable hearing aid and FDA registered.  According to their website, “As many patients consider unregulated, over-the-counter or online alternatives, we feel that earVenture devices, combined with professional diagnosis, verification and fitting protocol supplied by an audiologist, will offer a better patient outcome.”

EVH5001-1EVH5002-1   EVH5021-1
EarVenture makes 3 styles:  the reVeI, the faVor, and the saVvy.  The BTE hearing aids have a t-coil.  The price varies, depending on where you buy it, but I was told it costs in the “hundreds” not in the “thousands.”  I think this is a great business model and I hope more companies start to offer similar low-cost hearing aids.  They can keep the price down as they do no marketing directly to consumers and I like that unlike the over-the-counter and online hearing aids, this one must be fitted by a hearing health professional.  Sounds great – better than a PSAP, cheaper than most hearing aids, and fitted by a professional!

Phonak Table Microphone

Don’t tell my husband, but I am in love…………..with Roger.  I wrote about “Roger” in a previous post:  Wireless Microphones for Hearing Aids

I have tried the Roger Pen, the Roger Easy Pen, and the Roger Clip-on Mic and the sound quality is amazing!  You don’t have to wear Phonak hearing aids to use these devices.  Now Phonak has added another tool for listening in meetings, the Roger Table Mic

Roger Table Mic

The Roger Table Mic is a wireless microphone specifically designed to transmit clear sound to your hearing aids during meetings.  As with the other Roger devices, you must have a receiver such as the Roger My Link neckloop or the Roger X receiver attached to your hearing aids, cochlear implant processor, or Bluetooth streamer.  The Table Mic has a greater range than the Roger Pen (up to 100 feet) and for larger meetings, it´s possible to use several Roger Table Mics across the table.  If you already have a Roger Pen, you can use that along with the Table Mic to extend the range.

Ditto  (www.simplematters.com)


Ditto is a tiny (but mighty!) device you can put in your pocket, clip on your shirt, or wear on a wristband.  It vibrates to alert you to cell phone notifications. With the free Wear Ditto app, you can select the notifications you want to receive – calls, texts, e-mails, calendar, and third party apps.  No more constantly checking your phone and no more missed calls!  It never has to be charged and the battery lasts for months.  It even has a built-in wireless tether. When you’re about to leave your phone behind, Ditto will vibrate to warn you!

This is a handy “wearable” for anyone, not just those with hearing loss.  And….Hear Gear is selling the Ditto at a 10% discount!  Use coupon code “DITTOTEN” at check-out.

Watch this video to see the many uses of the Ditto and how it can free you from worrying about your smartphone and be more present in life.


So many new products!  If any of you have tried earVentures, the Phonak Table Mic, or the Ditto, we’d love to hear from you.  Please leave a comment.  Thanks!



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