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HLAA 2016 Convention – Part 3

In my last two posts, HLAA 2016 Convention – Part I and HLAA 2016 Convention – Part 2
I discussed new products I learned about at the HLAA 2016 Convention.  Now I would like to share some amazing new apps!

ava (www.ava.me)
I was most impressed with a new voice-to-text app called ava (often written as &ava).  The free app was created by Transcense and a team of developers including one man who is deaf and one Coda (Child of Deaf Adults).  Everyone you want to communicate with must download the app.  When  you speak into your phone, you and the other person will see very fast accurate text that appears in easy to read color coded blocks.  The other person can reply by speaking or typing.  You can attach a lapel microphone to make it even easier to use.  Excellent app to communicate with the Deaf and hard-of-hearing!  Also a great way to communicate in a noisy restaurant or talk to a friend on the other end of a long table.  Ava stands for “Audio Visual Accessibility” and it will work with iPhones and Androids.  Ava is free for 5 hours/month and $29/month for unlimited use. 

The video below will give you more information on how to use ava.

Ava will be released Sept. 5th for public download.  For now you need to be invited by someone who has the app or go to bit.ly/getava to download it.


Petralex (www.petralex.pro)
Petralex Hear It Clear
Petralex is a free app that turns your phone into a personal amplifier.  It can be used with earbuds or a neckloop and the microphone in your cell phone amplifies nearby sounds.  The Petralex app works with iPhones and Android phones.  It includes a hearing test and adjusts the amplification to your hearing loss.

Petralex is made by “IT for you,” and they also make Petralex Music which adjusts your music to your hearing loss, Petralex Radio, and Petralex Windows.  I walked around the exhibit hall and used it to talk to vendors and it worked quite well!

Jacoti Listen App (www.jacoti.com)
Jacoti 3
Jacoti Listen App is similar to the Petralex App as it converts your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch (not available for Android phones) into a personal amplifier.  Like Petralex, the app includes a hearing test and it uses the built-in microphone to pick up sounds nearby.  It can be used with ear buds or a neckloop and also incudes Jacoti Music Player for listening to music.  the Jacoti Hearing App is the the world’s first CE approved and USA FDA registered medical device standalone software hearing aid.
Jacoti 2

Ava and Petralex are brand new apps.  Jacoti has been around for a few years and has more applications.  The Jacoti Listen App is part of the Jacoti Hearing Suite which include Jacoti Lola Classroom.  Lola Classroom is a WiFi based app that sends the sound of the teacher’s voice to the students using Lola.

Tina Childress (http://tina-childress.com)


Another workshop I attended at the Convention was “C-APP-italizing on Technology” presented by Tina Childress.  Tina is an audiologist, professional speaker, and hearing loss advocate.  She is late deafened with bilateral cochlear implants.  Tina is an amazing resource!  She has compiled  an exhaustive list of apps for hard-of-hearing children and adults:  http://bit.ly/Apps4HL  and has a blog at:  http://del.icio.us/hlpuears.  You can also find her on Facebook.

InnoCaption (www.innocaptions.com)

InnoCaptions Logo
InnoCaptions is a free service that captions your cell phone calls.  It works on Android and iPhones.  There are several cell phone captioning services now:  Hamilton Captel, Clear Captions, Caption Call (for iPads), and now Innocaptions.  I haven’t used any of these services regularly, so can’t really evaluate which is best.  Several presenters at the convention recommended InnoCaptions, so I think it would be worth a try.


Hope you try some of these apps and find them helpful.  If you have used other apps that you would recommend, please leave a comment.  Thanks!


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