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HLAA 2016 Convention – Last but not Least

In my last 3 posts, I wrote about the HLAA 2016 Convention.  If you have never attended a convention, I hope I have motivated you to go.  There is so much great information and so many interesting people to meet.  Here are some final comments about what I learned.


Audio Everywhere (www.audioeverywhere.com)
I am surprised I had never heard of this type of assisted listening device!  Audio Everywhere works by sending the audio signal digitally over standard Wi-Fi to Android and Apple smart phones and tables.  It can be used in any venue from small to large and because it uses the existing WiFi, there are no wires to install, as with a hearing loop.  No need to carry any extra devices since we all have phones.  No need to check out a receiver.  You can use your own earbuds, inductive neckloop, or Bluetooth neckloop. It is being used in churches, sports bars, restaurants, fitness centers, casinos, health care settings, houses of worship, entertainment venues, and waiting rooms.  You can down load the free Audio Everywhere app, enable the Demo Mode, go to the Demo Venue and see a sample of how the app can be personalized for your place of business.


Neil Bauman
Neil Bauman, from the Center of Hearing Loss Help, talked about his book, Take Control of your Tinnitus – Here’s HowIf you suffer from tinnitus, I highly recommend reading his book.  I can’t begin to explain his techniques but one concept I took away with me is:  Ignore your tinnitus by focusing on the “loves of your life.”  At first I thought, “Oh, yeah, easier said than done!”  But the more I thought about it, it is true that when you are involved in something you are passionate about, it is easy to forget about your worries, pains, etc.  Another interesting fact:  51 million Americans have tinnitus.  75% of them do not “suffer” from it!  Why?  Learn more about this and other strategies in Neil’s book!



OTOjOY (www.otojoy.com)
“OTOjOY – if ears could smile”!  I love the name of this company!  They started by making custom earplugs and now have become experts at hearing loop installation.  They also have created a product called “LoopBuds” – for people who do not have t-coils or do not wear hearing aids.  LoopBuds can be used to listen to sound coming from a hearing loop.  They are small, light-weight, easy to carry in your pocket, and more comfortable than using a traditional loop receiver.  And now Otojoy has started a program called  “Five Buck Chuck.” (www.5buckchuck.club)  A man named “Chuck” is selling the Otojoy hearing aid batteries (Power One brand) for $5.00 for 12 batteries (2 packs of 6 batteries).  They are mailed to your home and if you sign up for a year, the shipping is free.  Definitely a company to keep an eye on!  Wonder what they will develop next?


Hearing Loss Revolution
Pat Dobbs led a workshop called, “Building a Strong Chapter One Step at a Time.”  She had a lot of good ideas for chapter building and she also shared information about an organization she started called “Hearing Loss Revolution.”  I really liked the 9 guiding principles of the Hearing Loss Revolution.

The Nine Guiding Principles of the Hearing Loss Revolution
1. Our lives define us, not our hearing loss.
2. We’re intelligent, engaged, and valued in spite of our hearing loss.
3. We’re the heroes of our hearing loss, not its victims.
4. We advise people what we need them to do so we can hear them better.
5. We’re honest with ourselves and others; we don’t pretend to hear what we don’t hear.
6. We use assistive listening technologies proudly, and advocate for installing them in   public places.
7. We see the humor when we misunderstand what people say, and we are able to laugh at it.
8. We accept with grace the hearing challenges that we cannot change.
9. We are grateful for our courage and strength in living these Principles.
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Here is a link to a flyer of the 9 Guiding Principles that you can print and distribute to your HLAA group:  http://www.hearinglossrevolution.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/HearingLossNinePrinciples-flier.pdf

Hope I have given you a good “taste” of the HLAA 2016 convention.  Ready to go next year?  The HLAA 2017 Convention will be in Salt Lake City, June 22-25.  For more info: http://www.hearingloss.org/content/convention

If you would like to share your experience at the convention, please leave a comment.  Thanks!