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The Torture Chamber


My annual trip to the “Torture Chamber” is always difficult for me.  So stressful listening to those “beeps” and trying to decide if I heard it or imagined it.  Then as the audiologist (a.k.a “torturer”) turns up the background noise – something between the sound of a roaring ocean and the sound of annoying radio static – it becomes even more challenging.  Ugh!  But I go every year and hope for the best.  Of course, the biggest stress factor is the fear of learning that my hearing has gotten worse.  This year was pretty good – not a significant change!  Yeah!

In all fairness to my “torturer”, if you live in San Diego and are looking for an excellent audiologist, mine is the best!

Linda Oliver at Oliver Audiology


When you get your hearing tested, always ask for a copy of your audiogram.  Save them to compare with past and future audiograms.  If you would like help understanding the meaning of the audiogram, here is a good explanation:

“Demystifying Audiograms”

AUDIOGRAMIt’s important to treat hearing loss early.  The effects of hearing loss are more than physical.  So, if you’ve been putting off your hearing test – make an appointment today!