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About Me


I am a technology geek.  I have always loved computers, and electronic gadgets.  When I started to lose my hearing, I never hesitated in getting hearing aids.  It’s too bad that so many people feel there is a stigma associated with wearing hearing aids.  I wear mine proudly, often with my hair up, to spread the message that hearing aids are cool!  It is also a good way to meet other people who wear hearing aids and compare notes.

When my top-of-the-line hearing aids were not enough to help me in my work as an elementary teacher, I started searching for solutions.  I was having trouble hearing the children’s voices, especially if there was background noise.  Through the San Diego Chapter of  the Hearing Loss Association (HLAA-SD), I learned about assisted listening devices (ALD’s).  Wow!  Why hadn’t anyone told me about this incredible technology before!?!  Well, one thing led to another.  My school district purchased a wireless FM system for me and suddenly the children’s voices were sharp and clear!  I was hooked!  I began researching, took a class on “Hearing Assistive Technology” from the HLAA, joined online groups with similar interests, and decided I wanted to share this information with others.  I also completed the HLAA course, “American Academy of Hearing Loss Support Specialists,” and I hope the information I share in this blog will be helpful to you.

5 Responses

  1. Please recommend a Timex Ironman watch with a chime and vibrate feature. Customer service at Timex is clueless. I will happily buy the watch from you if you have one. Too many concerts at Metro, Riviera and Schubas in Chicago without ear protection now require this adjustment in timekeeping.

  2. Thomas,
    I sell VibraLite Watches which are available with 2, 3, or 8 alarms in a variety of colors. I don’t have them on my website yet, but can send you info by email if interested. I don’t have any experience with Timex Vibrating Watches. Sounds like you have worn them before. I’m curious if the vibrating alarm is strong enough to wake you up from a deep sleep. I use a vibrating alarm clock, but doubt the watch would wake me.

  3. I am looking for a wireless silent doorbell/light system to use in my psychotherapy practice. It would be great to have patients signal their arrival by pushing a button in the waiting area that would silently active a light in my office. Do you have or know of such a product.
    Thanks for your input.

    • Lynn,
      What an interesting idea! Yes, there are doorbells that will signal with a flashing light. I assume you could disconnect the chime. I will look into it and get back to you. Would you be interested in a watch that would vibrate when the doorbell rings?

    • Lynn,
      I haven’t forgotten about you. I’m looking but so far only have found this system.
      This is probably more than you want to spend since you don’t need the telephone signaler. I’ll keep looking!

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