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Cell Phone Accessories

Do you have trouble hearing your cell phone ring?
Do you use your cell phone as an alarm clock?
Do you have trouble hearing on your cell phone?

Well, now there are several accessories available to help with all of these problems!.

Ring Alerting Devices
Serene Innovations has several cell phone signalers.

Serene Innovations smaller

The RF 200 Cell Phone Signaler is a desktop signaling device for landline and mobile phones, notifying you when you have incoming calls with a loud ringer and bright flasher.


The CentralAlert CA-CX Phone Signaler does all of the above and can also transmit a signal to the Serene Innovations CA360 Clock/Receiver in another room.

Alarm Signalers

Do you use your cell phone as an alarm?  Is it under your pillow or right next to your head?  Or worse, on your chest?!  Now you can use a Bluetooth TCL Pulse Alarm.  It will wake you with vibration or sound or both.  It works with iPhones and iPads (and the free TCL Pulse App) and once it is programmed, the phone can be turned off or in another room. Keeping your cell phone at a distance, eliminates any worries concerning cell phone radiation that is emitted.

Cell Phone Amplifiers

SI Hear All Cell Phone

Serene Innovations HearAll Cell Phone Amplifier SA-40 is a Bluetooth cell phone amplifier that will pair with your cell phone. It amplifies up to 40dB, has tone control and t-coil mode, and can be used with our without hearing aids.

Other devices to help you hear better on the phone:

I hope some of these devices can help you with your cell phone.  If you have other techniques to help, please share in a comment below.  Thanks!