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Why didn’t you answer the door!?!?

One morning I woke up, put on my hearing aids, shut the bedroom door so I wouldn’t disturb my husband, and began doing yoga in front of the TV while watching the news.  About 15 minutes later my cell phone rang and my husband shouted, “Why didn’t you answer the door!?!?”   He had accidentally locked himself out without his phone or keys.  He knocked (“pounded”) on the door, rang the doorbell many times and finally walked to a nearby business to use their phone!  This is when I realized I needed an alerting device for my doorbell!

Well, since I sell alerting devices, this should be no problem.  But…….there are so many choices!  Sonic Alert, Clarity, Silent Call, Bellman & Symfon, Serene Innovations, and more!   Well, I decided to try the Serene Innovations CentralAlert Signaling System.  I chose Serene Innovations (SI) partly because the price is equal to or less than the other systems, partly because I have used other SI products and like them, and partly because I like the way it looks!


I am very happy with the CA-360 Clock/Receiver.  It comes with a doorbell, bed shaker, and can also be used for phone notification.  The clock/receiver is small (6.5″ x 4.5″ x 2.25″), sturdy, and it is easy to set the time and alarm.  When the doorbell rings it flashes a VERY bright light,  and can be set to ring at a low setting or high setting.  It also has an off switch so only the light and bed shaker will alert you.  This is a nice feature if you like to wake up a bit more gently.

As with all alerting systems, SI makes various transmitters such as a baby monitor, a door knock/chime transmitter, a motion detector, an SOS Button to get someone’s attention in the house, and an audio alarm for smoke/fire or carbon monoxide.  You can also purchase a portable remote receiver.  I plan to get the portable CA-RX remote receiver (below) to keep in my office which is too far from my bedroom to hear the alert.  The remote receivers are handy to have in any room that is far from the clock/receiver and will operate up to 200ft. from the transmitters.


There are several ways to purchase the SI products depending on what you need.  Some of the transmitters are packaged with the receivers and others are sold separately.  To make it easier to find, I created a separate link on my website to see all the Serene Innovations CentralAlert products.   I know it can be confusing when using these systems for the first time.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  And hopefully, my poor husband will no longer have to worry about getting locked out when I am home!