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Which TV listening device will work with my TV???

Finding the right TV listening device for your TV can be very confusing.  Here are some guidelines.  For a description of the different types of TV listening systems, see “TV Listening Systems – 5 Types

Most of the TV listening devices and home hearing loops are designed to connect to the TV with analog audio-out jacks.  These are red and white RCA jacks labeled “audio out”.  They are usually on the back of the TV.  The words “audio out” or “out” must be written near the jacks.  If not, it is an “analog audio-in jack” and will not work.


If your TV doesn’t have these, check the back of your cable box.  The cable box should have the red and white RCA jacks.

The newer digital TV’s have a digital audio-out jack, usually labeled “digital audio-out (optical).”


You can see the digital audio out-jack on the top left in this picture (in the small white square).

Some of the newer TV listening systems come with both digital and analog cables such as:

If your TV does not have the red and white RCA analog audio-out jacks, you must purchase a TV listening system that can connect to your TV via the digital audio-out jack.  You can also buy a digital to analog converter at an electronics store.

Most home hearing loop systems connect to analog audio-out jacks.  The InLoop 600 comes with both digital and analog inputs.

If you would like help selecting the best TV listening system for your needs, please call me at 619 316-1817.  I would be glad to help you!