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Another Great “Recipe”

  Corinee with Phone
Corinne B. using Telephone Recipe for Success!

Although there are many telephone amplifiers available, I have found using the Pocketalker with a corded landline telephone provides a louder, clearer sound.  To follow this “recipe” you need to purchase a device from Radio Shack (see below) that is used to record phone calls.  Instead of plugging it into a tape recorder, you will plug it into the microphone jack of the Pocketalker

Telephone – Recipe for Success!


Corded telephone
Radio Shack Mini Recorder Control –  Part #43-1237
One of the following:  A neckloop with built-in mic (such as this), headphones with a mic (such as this), or headphones without a mic.

Preparation:  Version 1 –  In this version we are assuming you have hearing aids or cochlear implants with t-coils and you can use an inductive neckloop.  An inductive neckloop with a built-in microphone works best.

  1. Unplug the coiled telephone cord from the base of the phone.
  2. Plug it into the Radio Shack device.
  3. Plug the coiled cord on the Radio Shack device into the base of the phone (where you unplugged the other one).
  4. Remove the plug mount microphone from the Pocketalker.  Put in a safe place.
  5. Plug the 3.5mm jack on the Radio Shack device into the microphone jack of the Pocketalker.
  6. Plug a neckloop into the headphone jack of the Pocketalker.
  7. You may need an adapter for the neckloop.
  8. Power up!  Be sure your t-coils are on, the amplified neckloop is on, and the Pocketalker is on.
  9. To place a call lift the handset.  You should hear the dial tone via your neckloop.  There should be no sound coming from the earpiece of the handset.  You can set the handset on the table and talk into the neckloop microphone.

Preparation:  Version 2 – Headphones  – You can use this version if you do not have hearing aids, or you have hearing aids without t-coils.  Headphones with a built-in mic works best, but you can also use regular headphones.

  1. Follow directions 1-5 above, then plug in your headphones.  You may need an adapter for your headphones.  If you have headphones with a microphone, talk into the microphone.  You can set the handset on the table.  You do not need to use it.
  2. To place a call with headphones that do not have a microphone, you must hold the telephone handset up to speak into the mouthpiece (no sound will be coming from it).

The neckloop may be available for free in your state.  Check here:  www.tedpa.org

For another great “Pocketalker Recipe” see:  https://heargear.wordpress.com/2013/05/27/


WS-PKTD1-0                                                                 CL-CE30_front_closeup_1larger
The amazing and versatile Pocketalker                The Clarity 30CE Neckloop

Radio Shack

Radio Shack Mini Recorder Control –  Part #43-1237 – $22.99 from Radio Shack