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Farewell Motiva!

I am sad to say that Williams Sound is discontinuing the Motiva Personal FM System.  This is my favorite FM system!

PMF360with mic

In fact, a recent experience reminded me of how helpful it can be in a classroom or workshop.  I am currently taking an American Sign Language (ASL) class at a local junior college.  Besides loving ASL, I enjoy the fact that I usually don’t have to worry about hearing in the classroom!  However, the teacher isn’t deaf and sometimes we have class discussions about Deaf culture.  Whenever we do, I bring some sort of listening device.

Last week I was so frustrated that I did NOT bring my Motiva system!  The device I brought allowed me to hear the teacher perfectly!  But……..I couldn’t hear any of the questions or comments from the students!  One of the things I like about the Motiva is that it has a microphone on the receiver.  So, I can hear the teacher wearing the transmitter (who could be over 100 feet away!) AND I can also listen to the students sitting relatively nearby by using the microphone on the receiver.  In a quiet room with only one person speaking, the microphone on the receiver will amplify voices of people sitting 12 – 15 feet away.

For more information about the Motiva 360, please see my previous blog post:  The Pros and Cons of Three FM Systems.
If you would like to purchase the Motiva, I suggest doing it ASAP!  It will be available for a few months so buy yourself or a loved one a very useful holiday gift!  You can buy it with a charger or without the charger.

If you would like to buy one, I am offering a 15% discount. Use the coupon code M360
Click here for the Motiva Personal FM System with Charger.
Click here for the Motiva Personal FM System (no charger).

So glad I have mine!